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Adult| Trench Training Camp

$750Purchase required to enroll

What Does The Program Look Like?

The Adult Elite Training Camp is a full professional athlete experience offered to the public. Adult athletes and trainers of all levels will experience all the resources that The Trench provides some of the world's top athletes.

  • You will receive a 6-week training program that will teach functional skills and techniques designed to take your body and performance to the next level. We'll also reveal how to do it safely and effectively delivered personally by Coach Taylor Scott, Founder Of The Trench Training Systems.

  • You will also have full access to our Rebuild Recovery Center, designed to identify and take care of weak areas that can be problematic and possibly lead to injury.

  • Each athlete will have a full recovery protocol that will include: Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Normatec Compression Treatment, Phoenix Thera-Laser (Cell Regeneration), PNF Stretch, ART, Cupping, Electric Stem, and more as a part of your daily regime.

  • All of our athletes will be equipped with some of the cleanest and most effective supplement bundles provided by 10 Performance. We will have meetings every week about supplementation and nutrition to teach not only how, but when is the most optimal time to take your supplements.

  • All athletes will also have full-time access to our training facility and can take advantage of all the resources and amenities outside of specific Training times.

  • Everyone will be given full access to our Trench Training App that will allow all of our athletes to log and track their progress daily. This will also enable our athletes to learn about the next workout and strategies that will make them more successful.

  • Includes a full injury prevention and recovery program that will teach every athlete how to properly take care of themselves and maximize recovery after each workout.